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OMG! I am Pregnant During The Pandemic of COVID-19

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Let's rewind back to March 13, 2020, in Florida we were just hearing about a possible extended spring break due to COVID-19. As we dropped our 10 year old daughter Bella and 13 year old son off at their grandparents house we agreed our favorite local pizza place was the spot to be for that nights date night. I remember as we toasted to good health over the best garlic knots in town (seriously if you are ever in New Smyrna Beach, Florida you must go to Prima Pizza Cucina) that maybe this glass of merlot was not a good idea. I had this feeling that maybe I need to verify my feelings with a guessed it (insert dramatic music here) A PREGNANCY TEST, EEEKK! My husband, Will and I had an amazing time together and upon my suggestion we headed to Target for some "things" and of course after dinner coffee (If you know me then you know I love my coffee). While shopping, I discreetly threw in a couple pregnancy tests without Will noticing, lucky for me he doesn't really check to see what I toss in the big red cart or pays attention at checkout...I know...I lucked out ladies! After making our purchase we headed back to the Dailey home.

While Will was letting our dogs out I thought it would be a great time to pee on one of those sticks....even though they reccomend morning pee I am way to impatient. So I am standing there have naked staring at the stick....waiting......"WTH are these blue lines doing?" I say to myself....... I then recall whispering, "OMG. WAIT. WHAT. OMG...." then of course in my hastey travels to the toilet closet I forgot to lock the main bathroom door! (insert palm in face emoji). Will literally bursts through the door to find me quickly shoving "something" under my pile of night clothes on the bathroom counter. "What are you doing?!" he asks while laughing, he was definetly giving off a "oh is this sexy time" vibe. I quickly responded with "Its a female thing! Now get out!" Oh man did that make him even more curious! See, in the past I have always made it a fun way to share the news with him that we were expecting....this was just awkward! He would not stop asking me what the heck I was doing standing there half naked and why I was protecting my pile of night clothes so intensley. I gave up, "FINE!.....HERE! you pain in the booty!" I pulled out the stick and handed it to him. "What is this? Wait.... what? This is not what I thought you were hiding!" he says. "OMG babe! We are going to have another baby!!! I replied. If only you could see the "wholly crap look" on our faces, it was pricless.

Now, we were not planning for baby #3 however we were trying for almost 2 years the year before. Will is now 40 and I am 37 so we just figured it just was not meant to be. Maybe it was because of his cancer he had in 2017, that could be why, regardless we just came to accept it....well kinda...I still "felt" like someone was missing from our tribe. So how the heck did we concieve this little miricle??? Maybe it was the fact we were invited to a Bahamas Valentines Day cruise?? We were so relaxed and definitely had a great time!!

So, here we were about 4 weeks pregnant! Then the quarantine happened and you guys know how that went down, our family is still being very carful although we are currently in phase 3. With this new "normal" it has been quite the experieriance for ALL of us,

then to add to the crazy.....finding out you are expecting a child during a pandemic.....what the heck?

I often find myself questioning "is this even reality?", I know can you relate to me, right?? My goodness what a crazy year! I like to think I am really great at handling off the wall crazy situations but this was unlike anything I could have ever prepared for. Utilizing my visual exercise for handling anxiety and controlling dilemmas (Sign up for email to receive FREE PDF copy here or tune into Podcast episode here) I was/am able to navigate to a healthy mindset, mindset is everything! I mean what else can I do?! Focusing on whats good in our lives rather than the things we cannot control has served our family well. It is not all perfect that is for sure, as long as we are healthy and together thats all that is important to the Dailey family. We wish you and your family the best health and love during this time of uncertainty.

xoxo Jess Party of 5

P.S You can watch our Baby Announcement here :) made with love during quarantine.

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